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Recent Exhibitions


(upcoming)       Group Exhibition, 5-50 Gallery, Queens, New York

                              'Nostalgic Collection', Tree Art Museum, Curated by Yi Zhang, Beijing, China 

2023                    Artist Spotlight: Qin Tan, Ginza Tsutaya Books, Tokyo, Japan 

                              ART 021 Contemporary Art Fair Booth E1-07, 42 Art Space, Shanghai, China

                              'Through My Window II', JPS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

                              'Through My Window I', JPS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

                              'Sacred Man', Solo Exhibition, curated by Leo Yuan, Spring Break art Fair, New York City, USA 

                              'Break in Emergency', 4bysix, London, United Kingdom 

                              'Secret Show', Spring Break Art Fair, New York City, USA

                              'Spring Spring', Moosey, London, United Kingdom  

2022                    'A GOOD DAY', Solo Exhibition, 42 Art Project, Beijing, China 

                              'Sense 6', JPS Gallery, Hongkong, China

                              ‘Anamorphosis', Curated by FanBo Chen, Fir Gallery, Beijing, China

                             'Panorama', Cohle Gallery, Paris, France

                             'Saper Vedere', JPS Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

                              'The Garden', Solo exhibition, JPS gallery, Hongkong, China

2021                    Charity for COP1, Cohle Gallery, Paris, France 

                              'Obscured Identities', 42 Project, Beijing, China   

                              'Between Visions',  Aout Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon            

                              'D'Arte', Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

                              'Museum Belowground', JPS Gallery, Hongkong, China

                              'Let's Connect', Marian Cramer Project, Amsterdam, Netherlands

                              'Being Human', Port Authority, NYC, USA

2020                    'Not your Monolith', COCA, Seattle, USA  


                              Artist Interview @ Floorr Magazine 

                              Artist Interview @ I Like Your Work Podcast

                              Artist Interview @ ArtVerge 

                              Artist Interview @ Young Space

                              Artist Interview @ Synthetic Meatball: 


2023                    FLoorr Magazine, Issue 30 

                              Divide Magazine, Issue 5 

                              Create! Magazine, Issue 35

2022                    The Mockingbird, No. 20 The Success and Failure Issue                           

2019                    Now, More than Ever, Wassaic Projects


2015                    Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Baltimore,  MD  (Bachelor of Fine Art)                  

2013 Fall            Studio Art Center International SACI, Florence Italy


2024                    Moosey Residency, Norwich, UK 

2023                    Wassaic Project, Fellowship, Wassaic, New York 

2019                    Wassaic Project, Fellowship, Wassaic, New York

2018                    Vermont Studio Center, Artist Grant, Johnnson, Vermont 

2017                    NEXT STAGE program, Fremont Abbey Art Center, Seattle, Washington

2016                    Vermont Studio Center, Artist Grant,Johnson, Vermont

2014                    Pantocrator Gallery, Shanghai, China


2017                    Tacoma Artists Initiative Program Award, Tacoma, WA

2016                    Artist Trust, Grant for Art’s Project “Glitch and Ambience”, Seattle, WA




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